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Catalogue of products and services of available companies

Conveyor belts:

  • Rubber-textile conveyor belts
  • Steel-cord conveyor belts
  • Profile conveyor
  • Side-wall belts
  • PVC and PU conveyor belts
  • Elevator - bucket belts
  • Modular conveyor Belts
  • Wire belts
  • Conveyor belts according to usage
  • Splicing and service of conveyor belts
  • Endless woven belts
  • Timing belts

Parts and accessories:

  • Electrical equipment of conveyors
  • Drive drums for conveyors
  • Drives and transmissions for conveyors
  • Sensors, detectors and safety switches
  • Parts for transfer point
  • Conveyors covers
  • Separation and a sorting of material
  • Metal detectors
  • Conveyors scrapers
  • Adjusting material - crushing, ripping, grinding
  • Tanks, silos and accessories
  • Feeders, dispensers, refuel
  • Rollers, garlands, stations, ets.
  • Sealing systems
  • Fuels, lubricants and auxiliary materials
  • Other parts and accessories for conveyors

Research, development and innovation:

  • Research and development
  • Testing and laboratory
  • Consulting
  • Grands and projects

Raw material extraction:

  • Steel and other metal alloys
  • Kaolin
  • Building stone
  • Gravel and sand
  • Limestones and dolomites
  • Brick materials
  • Clays and bentonite
  • Black coal, brown coal and lignite
  • Oil and gas


  • Screw conveyors
  • Spiral conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Hangign conveyors
  • Redlers
  • Chain conveyors
  • Tubular conveyors
  • Vibrartory conveyors
  • Tube belt conveyors - Pipe conveyors
  • Belt bucket conveyors - Elevators
  • Flexowell conveyors
  • Roller conveyors
  • Timing belt conveyors
  • Conveyors according to usage
  • Technological lines for transport - systems
  • Projects, design, engineering of conveyors
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of conveyors

Minig machinery and equipment for mines:

  • Surface mines
  • Underground mines
  • Repair and serivs of machines and equipment for mines in mining

Weighing, measuring and dosing systems:

  • Beltweighers
  • Road and crossing (dynamic) weights
  • Weights for wheel loaders
  • Laboratory weights
  • Platform, slip and pallet weights
  • Crane / Balance weights
  • Road and bridge weights
  • Commercial and checkweighers
  • Counting scales
  • Bagging scales
  • Ultrasonic meter of capacity
  • Weighing and dosing equipment
  • Tensometric level measuring of containers
  • Impact plate
  • Measurement thickness of bands and drums
  • Temperature measurement
  • Load cell
  • Elektronika a příslušenství pro vážící a měřící zařízení

 Transport, construction, material handling technology:

  • Handling and storage equipment
  • Traffic / Transport machinery
  • Building machinery and equipment
  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Breaking equipment
  • Dredges / Grapples



Leading registered companies



Continental Matador Rubber, s.r.o.




  Výzkumný ústav pro hnědé uhlí a.s., VŮHU a.s.
Design, manufacturing and installation of belt conveyors. Transport lines and accessories for crushing and sorting of bulk materials. Splicing and repair of conveyor belting.  

Production and sales of fabric and steel cords conveyor belts.


Industrial screens - metal, rubber, polyurethane - for sorting of loose material. Sale and service of special sorting machine LIWELL. Plastic and steel conveyer rollers.

  Production, assembly, sale and service of gearmotors, industrial gear units, frequency inverters, servo drive systems and decentralized drive systems.   The organization offers design and engineering services, research and development, technical and expert activities, particularly in the areas of brown coal mining, but also in other industries.







Supplier + service: business representation firm: ACHENBACH - conveyor belt covers, VAN DER GRAAF BV - drum motors, gearbox, Forerderband Technik Kilian GmbH - scrapers for belt conveyor.  

Conveyor components (rollers, idlers, pulleys for belt conveyors for transport of material.


 This Institute was founded in 1949 and it has gradually risen to become the leading Research Centre in the area of metallic materials, plastics, and their testing.


 We specialize in issues of strategic and financial advice to obtain grants, grants and financial assistance for developing companies, regions, municipalities, schools and non-profit sector.


Distributor of load cells and electronic display units for weighing and measuring force and mass, accessories for the correct application and installation of the load cells.











 Consulting for a statutory representative shareholders and company directors. Cooperation in obtaining grants.







Suggest brands




Magnets, metal detectors and separators - RAOUL LENOIR  

Drives and transmissions for conveyors - STIEBEL


Worm, universal, helical worm and other gearboxes - STM Group

  Gearboxes and components, motion and control - TRAMEC  

Rollers, Pulleys, transoms and frames, accessories - PRECISMECA






Pull cord switches, misalignment switches, motion and material flow control - DITTELBACH & KERZLER


Impact bars and accessories -  SMILEY MONROE


Sealing systems of side control for belt conveyors TbK

  Materials and tools for coupling and repair of belts by cold vulcanization - REMA TIP-TOP  

Scrapers and belt cleaners, tracker rollers and accessories - HOSCH







Continental Matador Rubber, s.r.o.



Materials for repair and servis rubber products -  ELIFLEX


Rollers, stations and garlands for conveyors -  TRANSROLL


Conveyor belts, conveyors and accessories for belting- VVV MOST

  Conveyor belts MATADOR with servis




Drive magnetic


Magnetic drum


Permanent sorting


Permanent magnetic separation ramp Thickness measuring device

Tensile testing


Temperature monitoring system


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